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Naropa is for

A University As Unique As You

Master the work you are moved to do, then use it to transform the world

Transform Yourself, Transform the World

You are ready for Naropa,
and we are ready for

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Explore the mind through contemplative, embodied, and scientific perspectives

Develop compassion and mindfulness-based management skills

Experience intimate co-creative classes with like-minded students and instructors

Be part of a compassionate, engaged, inclusive, and diverse student body

Discover yourself through radical exploration and experiential learning

For 45 years, Naropa University has been preparing students to meet the world as it is. Through rigorous academics, contemplative practice, and experiential learning, students are prepared with knowledge, wisdom, and the skills to "be the change" in their workplaces and communities, and live joyous, meaningful lives.

Combining world-class instructors with high-caliber students and small class sizes, there simply is no other University like Naropa. 

As part of a lively, engaged student body, you help build a caring community, while developing leadership skills and learning to balance personal and professional development.

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