Live in the Present While Preparing for the Future

Use empirical findings, experiential self-reflection, and the wisdom of the world's traditions as you prepare to make a change in your career and the world.

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Higher (Purpose) Education

Since 1974 Naropa has been gathering world-class instructors and high-caliber students in Boulder, Colorado to create the compassionate, aware, and diverse leaders, counselors, and educators that society is in desperate need of. 

An education at Naropa focuses on the whole individual, mind, body, and spirit to help students become the people they need to be to achieve their unique goals and missions. 

We fiercely embrace diversity with the the aim of fostering a more just and equitable society and an expanded awareness of our common humanity.

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What You'll Learn, Who You'll Become

When you enroll in any of Naropa University’s degrees, you will receive an education infused with the knowledge, skills, professional competence, and compassionate presence we believe the world is in desperate need of and is essential in education.

As part of a lively, socially engaged student body, you will help build a caring community, develop leadership skills and learn to balance personal and professional development.

Explore the mind through contemplative, embodied, and scientific perspectives.

Develop compassion and mindfulness-based management skills.

Be part of a compassionate, engaged, and diverse student body.

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"My incredible education at Naropa taught me how to be a human, how to be in this world and how to have deeper relationships. It taught me how to communicate and how to listen to my body."

—Bari Tessler
Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach, and Founder of "The Art of Money"

In an attempt to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with compassion, we will be extending our application deadline to July 31st.

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